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Granite Worktop Design Elements

Belfast Sinks

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Most Belfast sinks need to have the stone behind fitted as a separate piece with a small join at each side. This will depend on the size of the sink, the depth of the stone worktop behind and the weight of the granite pieces each side of the sink.

If your Belfast sink is small and the depth of granite is sufficient behind the sink we may be able to manufacture the granite in one piece. We will discuss this with you when producing your quotation.

If you are having a Belfast sink please ensure that your kitchen designer considers access to the plumbing of both your waste outlet and the taps. Your plumber will need to make these connections after we have installed the granite and you will need access should you need to replace your taps in the future.


Under-mounted Sinks

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Undermount Sink 3
Undermount Sink 2
Undermount Sink 1

This type of sink is most commonly used with granite and quartz worktops as it makes maximum use of the stone. The sink hole is cut into the stone and the inside edge is polished. Our fitter mounts the sink to the underside of the stone during the installation. Holes can be drilled into the stone worktop for taps, waste disposal buttons, water filters etc. Please ensure you discuss the position of these with our templater. Your plumber will then need to connect your taps and waste outlet following completion of your worktop installation.

Under-mounted sinks are often complimented with drainer grooves, which are machined into the stone and polished to match the surface. In addition we are also able to machine a recessed area for draining. Please see details of these features below.

We supply a full range of under-mounted sinks and taps by Blanco and can supply other makes on request. If you are purchasing your sink elsewhere you will be responsible for providing a cutout template for the sink. Please ensure you have this to hand to our templater on the day of template. When purchasing sinks please consider the size of your kitchen unit that the sink sits into and the worktop thickness around the sink. Anything below 80mm has a risk of breaking - if in doubt please check with us.


Over-mounted Sinks

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Overmount sink example 3
Overmount sink example 2
Overmount sink example 1

These are also referred to as inset sinks and sit over a hole sawn into the stone worktop. Standard sized sinks can often be sawn into the centre of your worktop with no need for joins. Large sinks will require 'bars' of stone in front and behind with small joints as it is may not be possible to transport and install the stone without breakage.
We will always do our best to avoid joins near sinks and often install fibreglass strengthening rods into the stone to improve its strength near hob and sink areas. Anything Stone supply a full range of over-mounted sinks and taps by Blanco and other manufacturers please ask for details. If you are supplying your own sink please ensure it is available on the day of template.


Drainer Grooves & Recessed Drainers

Recessed drainer example 2
Recessed drainer example 1
Drainer grooves example 2
Drainer Grooves Example 1

Drainer grooves are machined into the worktop to allow water within the grooves to run into the sink. These grooves can be polished to match the worktop of honed to create a contrasting feature. Typically 4 or 5 grooves are used depending on the size of sink.

We are also able to offer a recessed area for draining; this can encompass the whole sink area or the draining area only. These features can be used independently or drainer grooves can be machined within the recessed area if required.


Radius Corners

Radius Corner Example 4
Radius Corner Example 3
Radius Corner Example 2
Radius Corner Example 1

Anything Stone use a blend of traditional craftsmanship and the latest CNC technology, which enables us to produce almost any worktop shape required.

Kitchen furniture manufacturers have now developed the technology to produce curved unit doors and as a result both internal and external radius corners are becoming ever more popular. If you require radius or angled corners please indicate these on your drawing to enable us to quote accurately.


Upstands & Wall Cladding

Wall clading example 2
Wall clading example 1
Upstand example 2
Upastand example 1

Upstands make a dramatic difference to a stone worktop installation and really provide a great finishing touch. We typically install 100mm high upstands although custom upstands at any height are available if required.

The corners of upstands will be butt jointed rather than mitred. The reason for this is that the crystalline structure of granite tends to crumble when cut to a point; any 'off-square' corners can also be finished more neatly.

We are able to offer full wall cladding if required including cut-outs for sockets. This provides an easy maintenance finish and can be utilised in certain areas of the kitchen to dramatic effect.

When planning your kitchen please ensure the height of your sockets, fused spurs, boiler controls etc will enable the worktop and upstand to fit underneath. You also need to allow for the lead tail from any plugs when working this out.

Upstands are most commonly supplied 20mm thick and will therefore be cut from different stone slabs than the worktops themselves. There can be some slight shade variation between the worktops & upstands as a result. This is not normally noticeable because the upstands are installed vertically and therefore reflect light differently to the worktops which are installed on a horizontal plane.


Window sills & Splashbacks

Cooker splash example 2
Cooker splash example 1
window cill example 2
Window cill example 1

Splashbacks are often fitted behind the hob, cooker or any other areas of high use as they add a feature and are easier to look after than tiles. These will blend perfectly with upstands and can also be combined with matching windowsills to give your kitchen a fully coordinated look that is also easy to care for.

Custom Options

Another Custom example
custom example
Drop end example
End Panel Example

Anything Stone's workshop is able to produce a huge range of products and design features to really make your kitchen unique and special.

These options include laminated and mitred edges to give the effect of thicker stone. Using these techniques we are able to produce worktops from 12mm to 100mm thick and beyond.

End panels can be used to 'frame' your kitchen or create a seamless transition between the kitchen and dinning areas. Cut outs can be made to integrate drop away sockets, LED lighting, water filtration, hot water taps, hot plates, waste disposal systems, downdraft extractors, indoor BBQ's, and so on. The list of design features grows everyday and there are options to suit everyone's lifestyle and budget.

The Anything Stone design team can work with your kitchen installer to make your dreams come true and most importantly we are always up for a challenge and really enjoy trying something new - so go on be creative!

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