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10 year warranty


Consentino, S.A. guarantees the registered owner of the installed Silestone product against manufacturing defects for a period of Ten years as of the date of purchase. Please keep the purchase invoice.

What is included in the warranty?

The Obligation of the Consentino, S.A. for a period of Ten years to replace the defective product in the terms and conditions specified herein, with the same features (colour, thickness, etc.) as those of the product acquired by the client.

This warranty covers Silestone quartz kitchen work surfaces that are installed permanently in the customer's home. Use for Vanities, flooring, paving and any other commercial purpose are not covered by this warranty. It is important that the choice of colour and finish be final before the purchase is fully agreed, since later changes of choice are not covered by this warranty.

If the Silestone product has been discontinued, it shall be substituted by the most similar colour available at that time.

What is Excluded from the warranty?

Problems caused by an incorrect finish/production of the product, by inappropriate installation methods or by any other modification or manipulation of the original Silestone product, such as variations of colour, thermal impact or inappropiate chemical treatment, performed by third parties that do not belong to Consentino, S.A.

Damages arising from the improper use, including but not limited to (i) use of the product for purposes for which it is not intended; (ii) installation or use of the product in a manner that does not respect applicable technical or security regulations, by any third party that does not belong to Consentino, S.A. (iii) non compliance of the instructions of the use and maintenance manual; and (iv) exposing the product outdoors.

Natural disasters, damages caused by interaction with other products or any other cause that is beyond the control of Consentino, S.A.

Any consequent or unforeseen damages, or expenses, aside from the product itself, including for information purposes but not limited to, damages to other products, installations or additional or supplementary repairs in connection with plumbing, electricity or building/decoration work that may be necessary to repair or replace the Silestone product covered by this warranty, are exclusivley excluded from this warranty and shall be the exclusive responsibility of the customer.

Likewise, differences between samples and photographs of any Silestone product and the real product purchased are also excluded

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